Regina Perlin

on Painting



and her relationship with the neighbourhood



Extract from Memories: 

From the Red Hook Docks to the Gowanus Canal 


Micros Labos Urbains


In the frame of the evolution of the Grand Projet Vernier-Meyrin-Airport a competition is launched by Geneva's Canton to set up a community project and an exhibition involving the neighborhoods' residents & workers

From Fear

to Action​

Trailer for the campaign led by Cirkus Cirkör to provide a platform to highlight and connect initiatives to support refuges coming from the civil society



Under the artistic leadership of Tilde Björfors, Cirkus Cirkör has consistently explored and defied limits through performances and research projects, as well as through the interactions of circus and society, audiences and participants. In light of Europe's ever-tightening boundaries against the world beyond its borders, and the consequences that closed borders bring in their wake, Cirkus Cirkör's voice as an advocate for crossing boundaries has grown stronger



Movements is directed by Tilde Björfors with music created by composer Irya Gmeyner.

The ensemble consists of circus artists, actors and dancers with Afghan, Austrian, Czech, English, Iranian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Swedish, Syrian and Turkish origins.

Movements departs from the parallel stories of displaced people who arrived in Malmö in the fall of 2015 and of the volunteers who greeted them. It is also the tale of how taking pause can sometimes puncture a commitment to humanity and solidarity, creating a void where fear, distrust and divisiveness find space to grow. 


Tilde Björfors

talking about Limits



the creation

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