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Professional info
Interdisciplinary researcher and visual storyteller, I have a long professional experience in university teaching, research, and visual projects. I am working on a daily basis in an international and multi-lingual environment. I am particularly keen to share my skills and my network for projects enhancing the relationship between humans and their different habitats
Work experience 


English: fluent
French: fluent 
Spanish: basic
Currently studying Swedish
Italian: mother tongue
FREELANCE, photographer and cinematographer
​2011 - present
Cofounder of an association planning cultural events focusing on the relationship between the cinema and the city. Responsible for the photographic part.
Documentary on collective memory, Gowanus Canal Area, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
Collaboration with The Brooklyn Workshop Gallery, NYC, USA 
Micros Labos Urbains 2014: photo shooting with the residents of Meyrin-Vernier in the context of the neighborhood development project. In partnership with Canton de Genève, HEAD and HEPIA. 
Private clients: architecture and landscape, portraiture, events, still life, project advisor for publications
Franco-Swiss territory: photographs of places and activities related to the French-Swiss border. Canton de Genève, Geneva, CH
Photography teacher
hepia Genève, CH: darkroom management and setting up of film photography workshops, 35 mm and medium format
Association des Habitants de la Ville de Meyrin, Meyrin, CH
Lycée Pareto, Mies, CH: the portrait: classes and workshop 
Photographic coaching for the publication of a PHD thesis on landscape architecture


Photography & video:
Adobe Suite, CaptureOne, Lightroom3, Silver Efex Pro, Final Cut Pro, web platforms
Writing & drawing:
Office, Autocad

2013 - present

2010 - present

2010 - present

EPFL, Lausanne, CH
Doctoral program: photography for research, reflection, process, specific techniques
Chôros Laboratory, City Science class: storytelling through video and photography: storytelling through framing movement and light
ISAD (Superior Institute for Art and Design), Milan, IT  
Masterclass on territorial systems and their representation, green façades
Scientific Assistant, Architecture Department, representation and expression chair - EPFL, Lausanne, CH
​2011 - 2015
Workshops: 3 long term workshops of 40 students each: tutoring graphic projects in Stereotomic vision and materiality, Art of Drawing and Geometry for Architects. 
Thematic classes: photographic techniques and applications


ICP School of the International Center of Photography, New York City, USA

2012 - 2014

Admission on portfolio to advanced courses
Studio lighting and mixed lighting techniques, environmental portrait, large format, architectural shoot, techniques for video storytelling
With Nelson Bakerman, Shelby Lee Adams, Richard Rothman, Photoshop 3 advanced certificate
Pavia University, Pavia, IT

1999 - 2005

European Master Architecture/Civil Engineering
Master Degree work  “Escuela hogar nuestros pequeños hermanos”; housing, schools and services: a progressive setting for the local community In partnership with NPH International, final grade 110/110 cum laude
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